Building more impactful African Diaspora Communities- – Saturday 17th May


Training opportunity
The Ubele Institute invite African Diaspora community organisations and individuals to participate in an innovative learning programme
‘Systems Thinking’ Building better connected and more effective communities’
Saturday 17th May 2014
9.00am – 4.00pm

Bruce Castle Museum
Lordship Lane
London N17 8NU


Why should the African Diaspora communities be interested in systems thinking?

We often fall into the trap of giving more importance and attention to the ‘parts’ that we alone are concerned with, without realising that our ‘part’ is a part of a larger system.
Our community is rich with people and organisations designing and hosting a myriad of social and educational events, talks, workshops, networks, and other activities which aim to community build.
HOWEVER, such community based activities, often operate in silos and sometimes in direct competition with each other. They rarely take into account the bigger picture.

Systems Thinking can be used to help us understand how we might better solve complex issues, where the solution is not obvious. It allows us to consider the linkages between various parts and to better understand everything within the whole system.
This results in sometimes strikingly different conclusions (and could then help us design different and innovative solutions), than those created through traditional forms of analysis.


What will you learn from the day?

  • Be introduced to the basic principles of Systems Thinking
  • Explore frameworks to address complex challenges
  • Get an opportunity to apply these basic principles and frameworks to some of the challenges affecting our community
  • Exploring what creating a ‘collective purpose’ as the African Diaspora community might look and feel like

Who will lead the day?

The Ubele Institute is pleased to welcome Colleen Magner, Partner at Reos Partners, Johannesburg, South Africa who will lead the programme. She is a keen supporter of our organisation and has worked with clients on food security, mining safety, healthcare and support for orphans and vulnerable children. Colleen teaches an MBA elective on Social Entrepreneurship and is a part time faculty member of the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS). She also teaches Systems Thinking for Organisations, Scenario Planning, Participative Practices for Social Change and Using Dialogue for Tough Problems.
Yvonne Field, founder of The Ubele Institute, will co-facilitate the programme with Colleen, bringing local perspectives and examples to the conversation. Yvonne has worked for more than 30 years with organisations, groups and individuals to solve complex issues. She has been commissioned by children and young people’s services, formal and non-educational institutions and health systems in the UK, the Caribbean and South Africa. Yvonne has recently written an article on Ubuntu Leadership for the Not for Profit Sector, which will be published shortly.



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